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Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ initiatives are grant funded
through the NJ Department of Health, Office of Tobacco Control and Prevention.

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Quit Center

The Atlantic QUIT Center

​If you are a smoker and interested in quitting, then you’ve come to the right place. Most ex-smokers attempted to quit an average of seven times before they actually succeeded. So if you’re feeling scared, or unsure, you are not alone! Cessation is not a one size fits all solution. That is why we offer multiple cessation options: face to face counseling in both individual and group settings and phone counseling. We are here to help you find what will work for YOU!


The Atlantic QUIT Center is a program provided by Atlantic Prevention Resources. The Quit Center is committed to providing the highest quality of quit services to Atlantic County residents. The QUIT Center offers evidence based tobacco treatment and can help you quit smoking, vaping and other tobacco products.

Our goal is to provide Atlantic County residents with the resources to stop or reduce their use of tobacco or other nicotine products.

​We are a “Mobile” Quit Center, meeting you in your community. We are able to assist with transportation if needed.


NJ Quits

NJ College & Universities ImplementingTobacco & Smoke-Free Policies (NJ CUITS)

The goal of this project is to enhance statewide efforts to institutionalize comprehensive tobacco-fee college polices, targeting 18-24-year-old young adults, and create an environment that supports tobacco-fee living as well as quitting. We provide mini-grants to two and four-year college/universities that do not currently have a 100% tobacco-free policy, to support the advocacy, adoption, and implementation of a 100% tobacco-free policy.

Working Well

Working Well Tobacco-Free

The Working Well Tobacco-Free project focuses on Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Services for Young Adults in the Workplace through Wellness Policies. Following best practices, the Working Well Tobacco-Free program increases 100% Tobacco Free Worksites and increases the use of effective cessation by young adults 19-29 year old.

Tobacco at the Point of Sale

Tobacco at the Point of Sale

The retail environment is now the major channel used by Big Tobacco to promote initiation & use of tobacco products. Most tobacco products are bought in the retail establishment, and the industry forces most of its marketing efforts in these settings. Point-of-sale strategies enhance state and local tobacco control efforts by reducing exposure to tobacco products and advertising in stores. Implementing point of sale policies in your community will strengthen the comprehensive approach the state is taking to combat tobacco use rates among youth and adults. ​​

The retail environment is an important area of focus for tobacco control efforts as this is one of the last frontiers for tobacco marketing.  Efforts are made to educate law makers and merchants about the importance of point-of-sale advertising on youth.  Information is distributed in the community reminding merchants of the current tobacco laws and encouraging them to join the STOMP program.

Point of Sale Initiatives 

  • Regulating the sale of e-cigarettes & other electronic nicotine delivery systems
  • Restricting the sale of menthol & other flavored tobacco products
  • Implementing content-neutral advertising laws

The STOMP Out Youth Tobacco Use campaign was created to increase merchant education on age of sale requirements and  help decrease youth access to tobacco products and exposure to tobacco advertising. As a part of this initiative, in supporting merchant education programs we can provide the STOMP OUT youth tobacco use sticker and merchant pledge to retailers across the state.STOMP stands for Stop Tobacco Offenses Merchant Program. By implementing the STOMP OUT campaign into the tobacco merchant community, We hope to spread the word of the new age of sale (21 years and older) and help merchants show that they care about the youth of their communities. Watch our intro video to learn more!


Youth Tobacco Action Groups –

Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ is working with NJ Youth through the Youth Tobacco Action Groups – a prevention and cessation program for youth ages 13-18. Each county in NJ has a county youth tobacco action group. These groups are working to decrease youth tobacco use and initiation. Visit

Tabacco Free

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing

Tobacco Free for a Healthy NJ (TFHNJ) works to increase opportunities for smoke-free living for all New Jersey residents. Training and assistance is provided to housing authorities, property managers, and landlords who want to transition their multi-unit housing complexes to smoke-free housing, reducing their costs and improving the health of their residents. We do this, in part, by:

  • Providing technical assistance to housing authorities, landlords and property managers to facilitate the adoption of 100% smoke-free housing policies
  • Distributing our Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit for Landlords
  • Promoting and highlighting smoke-free housing option through celebratory banners and TFHNJ’s Smoke-Free Housing Directory

Smoke Free Housing
Smoke Free